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What is the CalCBA?

   The California Creditors Bar Association is a bar association primarily comprised of creditor law firms across the State of California.

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Latest News Update

New Rules Adopted for Simple Civil Collection Cases
                                    by California Judicial Council                         More Efficient Procedures Reduce Wasted Court Time,
                                    Save Costs of Cases for All Parties
                        (Encino, Calif., May 3, 2007)  -- In a major new ruling adopted by the
California Judicial Council, changes in the way simple civil collection matters
are handled in court will save much wasted time in useless and needless
appearances, reducing the public cost of such cases and increasing the
efficiencies of the courts. Under the new rules effective July 1, 2007, collection cases valued at not more
than $25,000 arising from a transaction in which property, services, or money
were acquired on credit from a business or person will become categorized
separately and handled more efficiently under a new Rule of Court. Noting that nearly 95% of these cases go to default anyway, William Goldsmith,
president of the California Creditors Bar Association (CalCBA), explains, “Now,
instead of treating these simple cases like major litigation as they have for the past
10 years, the new rules will free up the court calendar and save the courts,
attorneys, and the litigants’ time.” CalCBA ( is a specialty bar association formed three years ago
which represents creditors and their legal counsel. Members of the non-profit
CalCBA include leading commercial and retail creditors rights attorneys
whose focus is to help educate the legal community and the public on best
practices in this area. Initiated by the CalCBA, the new rules were developed by a working group appointed
by the California Judicial Council that included representatives of the judiciary, court
administrative staff, legislature, attorneys, and a consumer rights association.
The new rules also allow plaintiffs more time to serve debtors, to obtain default
judgement, and automatic continuances without time-wasting court calendaring and
attorney appearances for these simple matters. “The significant rule changes benefit all parties, including California taxpayers,”
adds Brian Winn, past president of CalCBA. “It saves a great deal of Judges and
clerks’ court time  in  not having to deal with needless appearances, for consumers
in not having to appear in court for what in the past were basically administrative
hearings having no bearing upon the substance of a case, for attorneys by not having
to appear in court personally on matters that are already working their way through
the system, and, finally, for clients by not being forced to dismiss suits unfairly by
arbitrary rules, and who will now be able to make intelligent decisions whether to
go forward with their matters with a reasoned approach.” The complete Report details and Form can be accessed at www.__________________________
Further, a statewide standard for all California courts and counsel as to what
documents and declarations are necessary on purchased debt to obtain judgements
is being developed. For more information, contact Bill Goldsmith, CalCBA president, at (818) 990- 6600,
ext. 222; email:, or visit: About California Creditors Bar Association
The largest creditor bar association in the western United States, the California
Creditors Bar Association is primarily comprised of creditor law firms across
the State of California. CalCBA provides practical ideas and experience towards
legislation and Court Rules to strengthen and improve California's judicial system
and offers educational seminars and opportunities to share current issues and ideas.
For more information, contact Bill Goldsmith, president, at Goldsmith & Hull,
(818) 990- 6600, ext. 222; email:, or visit: